GNM is a paradigm that explains how physiology works in relation to our experiences (particularly those unexpected shock experiences that take us totally off guard) and patterns in the brain (which are visible on CT scans). The patterns and responses are universal throughout both humans and the animal kingdom.

This is a very brief summary of GNM. If you are interested, please ask Dr. Rodgers for more information and details.

When we have an experience which completely takes us off guard and for which we are not prepared (referred to as a 'conflict'), a spherical target ring visible on a CT scan* becomes imprinted in our brain. The location of the ring depends on the meaning of the experience to our psyche and biological meaning of the body organ related to the meaning of that experience. (In other words, a shock experience involving not seeing something would affect your eyes not your legs, and a shock experience of not being able to run away or towards something would affect your legs, not your eyes.) The target rings sits dormant in the brain until a second experience of the same type or of the same emotional content. Then it becomes active and begins to affect the body physiology.

*The target ring on the scan can be mapped out in its 3-dimentional sphere. Standard radiologists say it is an artifact of the machine. But it is site consistent for that brain, can be viewed at different angles, does not alter from one machine to the next. It also takes a good deal of training to be able to adequately and diagnostically discern them.

When the conflict we experience is resolved, i.e. we realize we can now run when needed within the same context as the original conflict, the target ring in the brain begins a healing process which then begins a healing process in the body physiology. Viewing of a CT scan by a trained eye can see where there are target rings which are in active conflict, or healing phase. This process happens spontaneously in both animals and humans all the time.

While we are developing as an embryo, there are 3 primary layers that later develop into different categories of our body. There is the inside ring (endoderm), middle ring (mesoderm), and outside ring (exoderm). The meaning we conclude in our various conflict shocks will determine which layer of body physiology is affected. The layer affected determines where and when the symptoms will appear. NOTE: Some symptoms appear during the active conflict period. Other symptoms appear during the healing phase. Determining what your symptoms are expressing is an important part to understanding what to do.

While the healing process is initiated spontaneously all the time, the process can be approached clinically. For more information, please call Dr. Rodgers, or schedule an appointment and put in the notes that you would like a GNM session so she can adjust the time for the visit. After the first visit ($100 for 1-1/2 to 2 hours) follow up visits usually also require 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Some issues are easily resolved in a visit, other more complex issues require more work.