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Julia's Network adjustments have provided a gentle and wonderful healing force in my life for several years. They have helped me significantly with headaches, and neck and back distress. I had spurs on my heels when I began working with Julia, and was considering surgical removal of them since orthotics had become ineffective. However, after a few weeks of adjustments, the spurs were gone and so were the orthotic shoe inserts. Networking has also powerfully assisted me in working through emotional trauma, I.e., my father's sudden and unexpected death, a painful divorce, and more.

Finally, Network restores a sense of balance, peace and clarity to my life which I find essential to my happiness.

S.F., Provo, UT


A Mothers Touch Chiropractic really helped me when I needed it. I had had a bad case of plantar fascistic (heel pain) for almost a year. That lead to becoming sedentary and even gaining a lot of weight.

When I got the chance at a dream job that would require me to be on my feet, I went to Dr. Rodgers, desperate for a dramatic recovery in just two weeks before my new job would start. In a week and a half, I went from so much pain that I couldn't walk a block, to walking every day and making increasing use of my foot with NO PAIN!!!

Plantar Fascistic is known to take a long time to heal. Dr. Rodgers is experienced in several techniques that really listen to the body and work with it instead of against it. Over the years, I've been to her for several different problems, and she always thinks carefully about my situation to put together the most effective approach using these different modalities.

She has also taught me to do some of these techniques on my own, since she believes in self-healing, which makes a visit with her an especially good value. I used one of these techniques on my Aunt when she had some foot pain and it helped dramatically. I was kind of surprised because the technique was so natural and gentle, I didn't expect it to be so powerful, but it was.

C.M. - on the way to San Diego, CA


Coming regularly before and after the birth of my last 2 children helped me in many ways. Walking and moving when I was 9 months along was made easier. My body was aligned making delivery shorter and easier. My recovery was also better.

When one of the children get especially cranky, I bring them in for an adjustment and see an improvement in their behavior afterwards.

My family loves to get adjusted. The little ones like that individual attention and the way it makes them feel.

Dr. Rodgers has a unique a gift for pinpointing the problem and helping the body to heal itself.

She helped my newborns so that they could feel better after being squished in the womb.

P. L., Elk Ridge, UT