Who is Dr. Rodgers

Practicing Chiropractic in the Provo/Orem UT area since 1991, Dr. Julia D. Rodgers of A Mother's Touch Chiropractic, LLC has a gentle healing touch for both your mind and body.

Described by a colleague as "the patient's Chiropractor," Dr. Rodgers believes the patient is truly in charge of their health. She respects their feelings, thoughts and objectives, knowing those are a vital part of a person's healing. She adapts the care she offers to best fit their needs. In addition to her gift of healing, she has a great ability to understand and explain to the patient what their specific body is doing and how it heals.

She began working with the gentle Chiropractic approach of Network Spinal Analysis in 1990, through which she saw a great deal of body-directed self-correction. It rekindled her question from years earlier, "If a muscle can move a bone out of place, can it move it back in place." In spite of other professionals telling her the answer was no, she pursued the concept and has found the answer to be a solid 'yes'.

She has refined being able to 'request' the body to engage this 'hardwired' natural mechanism as well as being able to teach people how to allow this internally-driven mechanism on their own. Alignment through Internally Motivated Movement (AIMM) gives her the ability to work effectively and safely with everyone: infants, children, teens, women, men, and seniors.

Whether someone is active or sedate, has new problems or ones that have bothered them for years, Dr. Rodgers' approach and talents can help them all.

Through her, patients find healing and solace for their mind, body and soul.