What We Help

The Whole Concept of what Chiropractic care can help is REALLY MUCH MORE than just a list of symptoms. The higher goal is to not just relieve your symptoms, but to also increase your body's function and your sense of well being. And, even higher that that, my goal is to give you the tools to be able to help yourself maintain or regain that relief and sense of ease by yourself - whenever and where ever you need it.

Read about how I do this here.

Here is a partial list of what Dr. Rodgers has personally helped. (But you can also read the lists printed in advertising under Chiropractors in general, and that will give you a good idea as well.)


nursing difficulties headaches - tension and migraine back pain

acid reflux car accident injuries poorly positioned baby:

excessive spitting up whiplash transverse

shoulder distocia TMJ problems posterior

uneven leg creases Sinus pain breech

unexplained crying disc injuries - to avoid surgery pubic bone pain

constipation dusc ubhyrues - to relieve post-surgery pain difficult deliveries

unequal or tipped head rotation siatica menstral cramps

. . . and more . . . carpel tunnel syndrome . . . and more . . .

low back pain

walking/gait problems

heel spurs


scar tissues / contractures



sport injuries / muscle strains

. . . and more . . .